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SEO companies???? Advice please.

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Re: SEO companies???? Advice please.

I agree it would be better to spend time doing what you don best than trying to do your own seo and learning a whole new trade when you are already good at roofing.


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Re: SEO companies???? Advice please.

Originally Posted by bpgbo View Post
I'm not a big fan of SEO for the roofing industry. In fact, according to google adwords, very few people search the internet for roofing. More people search for dirt bikes than do roofing.

Definitely get a website and make it look good, but find a different way to drive traffic.

here's a hint to get on first page of google. if you google "roofing <zip code>" you'll see map results there on 1st page. I suggest verifying your business with google so you show up on the map results as well, on 1st page. Go to google dot com slash business to get started. its free.

PM me if you have any ?'s Good Luck.
This can work but there is a few things you really have to do to get it working much more effectively. Make sure wants you have a map listing you get as many reviews as possible from real customers. But at minimum 5-6 so that way google gives you a star rating. Then I personally pay for adware yo my website. Now as words can get very expensive but it is much more effective after you have reviews to your website. Not only that but reviews will give your site better rankings in local searches do you will get more calls for free.
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Re: SEO companies???? Advice please.

I mean that is a good idea and start, but you need to take into consideration that google only allows a certain number of listings to be shown like that. And sometimes doing just that isn't enough. I know, since I've tried it myself.

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Re: SEO companies???? Advice please.

Hi guys, new to the forums and wanted to offer some REAL advice to whomever needs it.

Originally Posted by Fred steam ice dam View Post
I have hired so many seo Companies through the years. Almost all have been a huge waist of money. I just do my own but really wish I could get out of it. Time consuming
SEO has received such a bad rap from people who burn business owners like you. It's really sad. Like was mentioned on the previous page, if some SEO company is giving you a base price without taking your city and competitors into consideration, then they have no idea what they're doing.

There's so much research involve to really give the right price. If they can't give you a real analysis of your website backlinks compared to your competitors, it's really hard to tell if they have a grasp of what's going on.
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Re: SEO companies???? Advice please.

For what its worth I work for an SEO company so I'll chime in... My post is probably not allowed on this forum but should be as I would not go to one of my fellow SEO colleagues and say "what's the best way to build a roof?" My peeps and I can barely swing a hammer let alone build a roof. I think I can offer up good advice on this and won't spam this forum.

1) To get leads your focus should be 75% on PPC, not on SEO. Studies show when people are ready to BUY they click the paid ads up top. When they are doing research they click the organic, like reading blogs, forums, etc...

2) Your best bet for SEO is to go after "long tail" unique, niche style jobs... not roofing+city name. It will take you years to rank for something like that with no guarantees.

3) Your budget needs to be correct TOO. $2000+ for PPC is a good starting point... Many local areas are hyper-competitive... So don't look at PPC as throwing away money... You are investing in your business.

4) Have a script ready for incoming calls. Train your office mgr. or yourself what to say with rebuttals. So many campaigns fail because there is no inbound plan for calls.

5) Before you do the PPC, your website landing needs to be on par with a lead nurturing system. CTA Form on top of page, an enticing offer, Call tracking/recording, testimonials, mobile friendly, 3rd party credibility logos, your review ratings, etc. If your website is not 100% AWESOME don't spend ANY money. Don't settle for mediocrity, be the BEST.

6) Have a follow up system in place for all calls and email leads. This should include Re-marketing as they leave your site (those little ads that follow you), email drip campaign, call backs.

7) Work the leads you get to squeeze every drop out of them.

8) Filter out bad prospects by wording your ads correctly and using negative keywords.

9) If you choose an Adwords company, have them show you which keywords and projected traffic. They should show you a formula something like this: Total impressions, Total clicks, Total leads based on those clicks... X number of New lead conversion each month.

Then based on your number of lead conversions you can pre-calculate sales... say X number conversions per month = and Avg. ticket amount of $. This is your ROI.

So long story short... be smart and well calculated. Leave as little to chance as possible.
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