Sustaining Your Business as a Tradesman in 2019

May 23, 2019
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Working as a self-employed tradesman in 2019 leads to many different opportunities and challenges. You are constantly trying to keep a steady stream of work coming in, without overwhelming yourself and keeping on top of the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The way that people find their tradesmen, not least roofers, has changed in the last decade. Here is some advice to help you sustain and grow your business throughout 2019 and beyond.

Getting Your Name Out There

While many roofing tradesmen who have been in the game for a while will rely on word of mouth and the Yellow Pages to get their name out there, we are living in an online world. Roofing Talk itself is a testament to this, and to be able to compete in the modern environment; you need to be prepared to have some form of an online presence.

Setting up a Google My Business profile will ensure that people are able to find contact details when they put your business name into the search engine. Additionally, there are a number of online tradesmen databases that are popular where you can list yourself, and you can attract a broader customer base.

Staying on Top of Innovations

While roofers work to several universal truths, there are always going to be changes and developments in the housing industry that will change the way you have to work. It’s important to remember that if your skill set stands still, you will lose out to other people in the industry who are doing more to develop their trade.

The amount of effort you put into this can vary from person to person, but it’s important to communicate with your clients and understand what their expectations are. Do your capabilities meet their expectations? If the answer is no, you’ll do yourself no harm in attending courses to find out more about modern roofing applications. Even engaging in the trade press regularly will benefit you in the long term.

Keeping Your Business Running

As with anyone who is self-employed in the trades sector, you will know that there are certain things your entire business relies on. You might have a group of employees and apprentices, but your own health is vital for you to be able to undertake the work that you commit to. Be sure you are following all appropriate safety procedures to ensure you don’t have an accident at work.

Your van will be an essential part of your business as well, and as a tradesman, it is vital that you are able to transport yourself and your equipment to the jobs you take on. If you don’t already, invest in an insurance policy for your van. This will ensure that you and your vehicle are financially protected in the event of something unexpected happening.

Working independently for yourself is hard work, but you are rewarded by putting the hours in yourself. If you take the time to adapt to the changing environment, you will ensure that you keep clients coming to you for their roofing needs again and again. 

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