Home Improvements 2017

March 23, 2017
by Silb
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There can come a certain time of year where you’ll find that the work will come in from people looking to improve their homes. For people in our industry the most typical work can come in the form of retiling, removing asbestos, and making loft conversions. Our customers will be coming out of the winter months, looking at their homes and seeing where improvements can be made, and that’s where roofers come in. Understanding what people are looking for is crucial to maintaining a flow of residential work, so here’s some things to look out of and be aware of over the coming months.

Latest Styles

Take time out of your day to have a look over some interior design sites. While this initially might fall far of what you would normally look at after a hard day’s grafting, you’ll gain an insight into what people are calling on your services for, and in some cases, when you understand the styles you can offer to expand upon their original ideas.

Site Safety

Having the correct safety equipment is something that has no seasonality. As it’s been written elsewhere on this forum, while you might take a vacation, safety doesn’t. Keep an eye on the threads within this site from your colleagues to find the very latest in safety gear that works for you. The extra time invested in looking after yourself is worth much more than being off with injury or worse.

Take Care of Your Tools

 We roofers know that we’re only as good as the tools we use to do the job, so whether you’re in the market for a top line angle grinder or a cheap but effective claw hammer, invest that extra bit of cash for equipment that will last you, and take care of the tools that you already own. This can be as simple as ensuring your tool bad doesn’t get chucked in the back of the van after a long day working.


Knowing where people are getting the money for your services can make the job easier further down the line. This doesn’t have to be A grade detective work, it’s more about having a greater amount of awareness of your customers ambitions. Many people are using online home improvement guides to get an idea of where they want to start. Work might be carried out on finance through a loan. Just ensure that you are getting paid the money that you’re owed.


The van market is bigger than it’s ever been with more models available to the discerning tradesman than ever before. Now might be the time to reconsider what you’re currently driving and if you’d be better off upgrading to something that more readily meets the needs of your business. The second hand market is always a good place to do initial research, so keep your eye out for a bargain online.

2017 looks to be a big year for the roofing industry, so keep yourself up to date to ensure those contracts keep coming in!  

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  • No-avatar-62
    Signature Exteriors11 months ago

    Great post! I wish more people considered roof repairs as part of their home improvement guides :D




  • No-avatar-62
    BirminghamRoofs4 months ago

    Great Blog post. Thanks for including the site safety information, there can never be too much focus on it.

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