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Being A Roofer and Handling The Internet

June 05, 2012
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Between the phone calls I get from every marketing telemarketer out there to the emails that fill up my spam box saying "We can get you #1 on Google". Frankly, I am tired of the endless spam I get from companies trying to sell this or that for my roofing company. 

Now as an Atlanta Roofer, I do believe that working with experts that have a broader knowledge of marketing, internet marketing, Google Adwords, and whatever else it takes to help my business grow. However, that is like finding a needle in a haystack with so many internet marketing companies over promising and not getting the business they promise. 

I have signed up with Google Adwords and frankly if you don't have a big budget with an appointment setter standing by to answer every call it's can be a costly struggle. There were a lot of calls coming from telemarketers as well.

So what is a Roofer Suppose to do? 

Well this year, I did two things. I recently signed up with Better Business Bureau with thier highlighted ad's. This seems to be working quite well as I have been a member since 2006 but never really went beyond that. 

The second thing I did was hire a guy that is going to help me focus on Google Ranking. The one thing that he made clear was that this is a partnership. That I coudn't sit back and think that phone calls were going to fall from the sky. The great thing about the program is that he doesn't charge anything up front. He has built me a great site that we just launched this week and we are waiting to get indexed. 

The other thing he consulted me on was to get on this forum and get active. Make sure that posts have the proper links to our site and also particapate with other roofers.

I know that this guy has good intentions with my company, especially with no costs up front. However, we will see. I have signed up for a lot of things for my Atlanta Roofing services. Somethings worked well and others seemed like throwing money in the wind.

Anyways this is my first blog post. Cheers! 

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  • Thumb_000000
    nmarshall603over 8 years ago

    Thats what you have to do,, be proactive!

  • Thumb_000000
    nmarshall603over 8 years ago

    The sad thing is that the telemarketers do call all the time. Everytime I run ads for sales and canvassers I get guys calling to sell me leads.. ones that are usually rehabbed or refurbished and useless. 400 would be a good price for 100 leads if they were live and within the last few days.

  • Thumb_top_view_logo
    topviewroofingabout 8 years ago

    Great blog post.Blogs are actually a great resource to keep your visitors and customers related to your business. http://topviewroofing.com/

  • Thumb_mike%20photo
    roofermikeincabout 8 years ago

    I hear you Atlanta. I'm a small roofing company in Miami just getting started, trying to be organic with SEO, and
    I average 3 calls a day from SEO marketers. Well, I've got an unlimited plan so I've come up with some ways to mess with 'em.
    Act interested, try to pick their brain, and then bail.
    roofer mike

  • Thumb_roofer-working
    dallasroofingalmost 8 years ago

    Good article. I agree there are a lot of worthless web marketing companies out there.

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