New Dimensions Church Restoration Project - Sheet Metal Steeple, GAF Shingle Roof

May 15, 2014
Nashville TN
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Commercial Roofing and Church Steeple Restoration Project 

New Dimensions Church located in Jackson MS restoration project completed by MidSouth Construction, LLC headquartered in Nashville TN with a local office in Flowood MS.

The church roof and historical steeple were damaged by a severe hail storm that passed through Jackson MS in March 2013.  The steeple also suffered from deterioration due to years of exposure to the elements resulting in wood rot and decay.   

The roof was leaking from hail that had penetrated the old shingles and emergency tarps were installed to prevent further water damage to the interior of the sanctuary.  Our project managers and in-house adjusters met with the insurance company adjusters and were able to advocate for the church regarding this commercial insurance claim.  The scope of damage was agreed upon between all parties and a fair settlement was reached. 

The first step in this restoration project was to repair the leaking roof!  At Midsouth Construction we know that a roof is more than just shingles!  A properly installed roofing system is comprised of different layers that work together to protect the interior of your property.  Before the new roof was installed any damaged decking was removed and replaced to ensure a solid surface for the new roof.  

A layer of felt was added to protect the roof deck from rain and moisture that can creep in.  Vulnerable leak areas around the plumbing vents and valleys were covered with ice and water shield as another extra layer of protection.  Starter strips were installed along the roof edges which will prevent leaks from blowing rain and prevent lifting from wind.  The last layer of the roofing system was a new GAF Royal Sovereign shingle in charcoal.   This roof will provide years of protection to the church sanctuary!  Interior restoration was started after the roof had been replaced and all water intrusion successfully stopped. 

Restoration work on the steeple took several weeks to complete.  For this project, the steeple was slowly recreated onsite and restored by our sheet metal artisan!  The before and after pictures of this steeple are dramatic!  We are very proud of the quality of his work and think he deserves the title of artisan over contractor!  

The end result is a beautifully restored steeple that overlooks this historical building that once again reflects its original elegance!  All work was coordinated with the church to allow services to be continued with little interruptions by our crews.  

For more information on this project, or other commercial roofing projects, please visit our website and following our news updates! 

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