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Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

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Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

We are doing two flat roofs on the first and second level above a finished basement addition. The first floor roof is for a screen porch with 1/8" slope, 2x4 sleepers, and T&G porch floor. Probably only wind driven rain, but hate to have leak with finished porch floor down over finished basement. Second floor roof deck has 1/4" slope and won't be used much. Might have sleepers and wood spaced decking, but might just leave flat roof system (like IB brown).
Looking for best system, residential warranty, and competitive price. Pros and cons for IB and Fibertite? Other products to be considered?


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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

After decades of shingling, Im looking into the installation of flat/low slope roof membranes as another business option. Based on very limited experience with IB, I liked working with the product and it seemed very user friendly. For me, the product ...
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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

TPO roofi ng membranes were first introduced in 1992. Yet the majority of TPO manufacturers didn’t enter the market until the mid- to late- 90s. And TPO continues to be in the experimental phase – all are in their second, third and in some cases fourth generation of formulations. The FiberTite and IB formula has never changed since its introduction over 25 years ago
EPDM is a thermoset material, which requires a mechanical seal using tape or glue. This mechanical seal becomes the weak link, and can lead to leaking and waterproof issues. FiberTite and IB roofing membranes are made of a thermoplastic material, and provide a molecular weld via sealing the seam with a heat source. Molecular welds are 10 times more secure than those created with a mechanical seaming process. Both membranes are Energy StarŪ compliant and reduces energy costs.

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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

I just re-roofed my house last year. I have (2) areas, about 300 sq. ft. each. We re-decked and installed Mule-Hide sel adhered modified membrane. Used to leak every rain. now water tight. It has to be a bit warm outside though, above 50degrees. Prime the wood decking and put it down like ice guard. Comes in shingle colors too! Make sure, if you go this route to even prime all metal copings, drip edges.
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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

I have used the SA products on res roofs but don't trust them on commercial projects yet. Too many flashing issues for me. Insofar as the SA on a low slope area of a house, I prefer to install an SA base or nailed base designed for the SA product then the cap. Just more insurance as far as I'm concerned. When practical, it's an easy solution that does match the shingle and we've had no complaints so far and I have some on over 5 years.
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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

IB and Fibertite are both great products. IB offers a written lifetime residential warranty ,The only product that does. I think Fibertite is only commercial but really is an exellent membrane as well. I would stay away from peel and stick roll roofing, Its short term lifespan but the unskilled labor loves it.

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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

This week Owner-Builder clients of mine's search narrowed to IB or FiberTite roofing for their new home. BOTH offer LifeTime Residential Warranties depending on membrane thickness purchased.

The decision came down to Bid, the Roofing Company and the important differences discovered in Warranties.

The Owners were offered a 10 year workmanship warranty from both Roofers. The IB contractor would not put down the rain water gutter lining as I specified. The FiberTite contractor would. This was the reason for a big bid difference and the IB contractor's refusal caused my Clients to lose faith in him.

The IB bid was $8,000 more than FiberTite. Both offered 20 year warranties with LifeTime options costing much more. But each company's 20 year warranty is NOT THE SAME. FiberTite covers chemicals, biological EFFECTS of algae forming in ponding water, hail and hurricane wind. IB excludes these.

So, the Owners took a pass on the LifeTime paper of both manufacturers. They decided to simply buy the best product for their money. The thinnest FiberTite is covered by a better 20 year material warranty than thicker IB membranes. The thinnest FiberTite still has more "fiber" and more Dupont KEE than the thickest IB. (These facts may explain why IB has significant warranty exclusions.)

But, no matter what the warranties might be or might have been, the reality is: my Clients will have a roof that will ACTUALLY last their Lifetime. They have bought the SAME FiberTite roof others around here have had for 30+ years (originally purchased decades ago with only a 10 year material/5 year workmanship warranty by the way).

Most importantly perhaps, is those FiberTite roofs were SOLD, INSTALLED, WARRANTED and SERVICED by the SAME ROOFING COMPANY (EST. 1973) that will install MY CLIENT'S ROOF next week!

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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

Check out Lon-Deck, no need to cover,.080 pvc, looks like flooring.
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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

Originally Posted by John D View Post
The IB contractor would not put down the rain water gutter lining as I specified.
Why? NO offense but I have seen some jacked up chit put out by architects whom have never touched a tool leavings the trades scratching their heads wonder WTF?! Was this one of those situations, or what was their reason for refusing your detail?

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Re: Flat roof - IB vs Fibertite?

Both good materials. I have much more experience with Fibertite but have heard great things about IB. Fibertite contains Dupont Evaloy I believe in the highest percentage that it can. Makes it very flexible and expensive. Im not sold on that aspect of it, my point of view is taking 4 asprin is good are 8 worth twice the price? BUT for a deck, if it were my home, Id choose Fibertite for one reason... Damn is it puncture resistant.
BTW are the residential warranties as good as shingle warranties?

I would question why IB didnt want to do your detail. Can you post it so we can all see it????
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