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Roof Damage

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Re: Roof Damage

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Re: Roof Damage

I have always suggested checking your roof for damage or deficiencies twice a year, (when you clean your gutters) and after any storm producing high winds or hail.

You can learn about how to spot roof damage here...
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Re: Roof Damage

Nice blog Matt here is one of mine:
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Re: Roof Damage

If you suspect you have damage, it's best to get a professional roofing contractor to take a look. Especially if you can find one with an in-house insurance adjuster to make sure you are getting your money's worth. if you are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area check out Old Pro Roofing - we've been named best Fort Worth Roofing company 2 years running now.

Fort Worth Roofing

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Re: Roof Damage

I too agree, taking care of the roof damage before it gets any worse should be a priority
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Re: Roof Damage

It doesn't take a professional to know if there is problems with a roof though, as long as you do your homework. You have to inspect more than the roof, you have to look in the attic and the facia boards, inspect the vents, etc.. Check the roof jacks as well. If they were having issues with the roof before and just put one on to cover things up, they probably went as cheap as possible. So they didn't replace any of the roof jacks. You can tell if they have some age to them.
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Re: Roof Damage

Definitely we should avoid roof damage by regular maintenance.....
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Re: Roof Damage

I made contact with them through a craigslist ad. They told me this is more of an exclusive deal to a select number of contractors. Roofer molesey So I doubt any supply houses will carry it.
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damage, leaks, roof

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